natural world

guovdageaidnu nature center - this is the website for the guovdageaidnu nature center in norway. the website is in sami and norwegian but there's some english sections translated.

eflora - a really nice collection of notes and info on plants

paleo planet - primitive tech forum

international wolf center - official website for the international wolf center, an organization dedicated to educating about wolves.

national weather service - pretty much all of the well-known sources for getting weather are plagued with ads and unrelated content. going right to the NWS website gives you everything you need without malicious ads.

K3R7WX - weather for southwest louisiana. i just like the way this site looks with all the different models.

longleaf alliance - learn about conservation for one of my favorite trees

language resources

indylan - the indylan project is devoted to preserving endangered indigenous languages. you can download their app on android or iOS. currently they offer kernewek (cornish), davvisámegiella (northern sami), scots, gàidhlig (gaelic), euskera (basque) and gallego (galician).

giellatekno - website for giellatekno, the research group for saami language technology

mother tongues - an app dedicated to language revitalization


folktexts - an archive of mythology and folktales from all around the world.

freemidi - exactly what the title says.. free midi files...

erowid - erowid provides education about psychoactives (im not condoning anything)

rate your music - this is my favorite place to find new music

i try to update this page frequently, check back often